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ELVCU Induction
Event 23 Nov 2022

Back to school! The EL virtual Corporate University returns for 2022 edition

The November Induction module of the EL Virtual Corporate University attracted 20 new recruits from the lottery sector across Europe as well as two from a supplier.

ELVCU Induction 2022

Participants come together for the virtual ELVCU Induction

Given that a conservative estimate of new hires across our sector would give about 100 new hires in State Lotteries each year in Europe it is not surprising that EL has had to provide five Induction modules to satisfy the demand for induction training over the past two years.

With a presentation team of 13 highly experienced lottery experts, all with direct experience of working with or supplying services to the lottery sector, the participants received a most comprehensive grounding in the best practices and principles of lottery operation. The sessions ranged from a History of Lotteries to the latest developments in Omni channel operation. No other comparable lottery body provides such an extensive and comprehensive programme as EL.

Attending the module provided the participants with an amazing opportunity to learn and to network with the other participants as well as the presenters.

”As we move to new times where players may be less aware of and less interested in the provenance of their gaming offerings; where state lottery operators are becoming increasingly commercialised, and where the national regulatory systems are becoming increasingly exigent, there is a need for new (and existing) lottery staff and operators to gain a full awareness and understanding of the new reality – gaming, technical and societal -  and adopt an appropriate approach and narrative across all of the operational complexities involved.  EL(V)CU alumni are ready, willing and able to rise to the challenges of these requirements.”
Ray Bates

Ray Bates, Moderator, ELVCU

And, on a personal note, I can say that the future of lotteries is secure with new entrants of the quality in this class of 2022.

Ray Bates, Moderator