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Welcome to the download section of EL. Here, you will find all appropriate documentation in relation with the Association and its activities.



Since 2009, the EL Members have adopted five resolutions:

  • the Istanbul Resolution on sustainable gaming model (2009) EN | FR | DE | ES
  • the Barcelona Resolution on on the EL common regulatory principles to guarantee a sustainable future for lotteries in the EU (2010) EN | FR | DE | ES
  • the Helsinki Resolution on Public Order & the Integrity of Sport (2011) EN | FR | DE | ES
  • the Oslo Resolution on Unity in Diversity (2015) EN | FR | DE | ES
  • the Antwerp Resolution on on societal role of lotteries, the need to channel gambling desire and to advertise lottery products (2019) EN | FR | DE | ES


Other position and information papers

  • EL Advocacy brochure (2020) EN | FR | DE | ES
  • The European Lotteries White Paper (2012) EN | FR | DE | ES


Responsible Gaming Standards

The European Lotteries are committed to address illegal gambling and related criminal activities while at the same time minimising any potential harm on society and vulnerable groups, in particular by means of a controlled expansion of gaming education and prevention.

  • European Responsible Gaming Standards (2014) EN | FR | DE | ES



The Code of Conduct is intended to reassure the public that State Lotteries and Lottos are reliable and responsible operators, which also offer sports betting games that are enjoyable and readily available. The current version was approved by the General Assembly on June 4, 2014.

  • EL Code of Conduct on Sports Betting (2014) EN | FR | DE | ES

The EL Members have adopted the EL Sports Integrity Action Plan, the 7-point programme, a policy document that clearly demonstrates the position of the European Lotteries, its commitment to the fight against match-fixing and its firm support to the EPAS initiative towards the adoption of an international convention against the manipulation of sports competitions.  The document calls for 7 concrete actions in the field of sports integrity.

  • EL Sports Integrity Action Plan - the 7 point programme EN | FR | DE | ES

By adopting the Sport Charter in 2012, the EL Members have formalised their commitment to defend the values of the European sport model in light of these new challenges to the integrity of sport.

  • EL Sport Charter (2012) EN | FR | DE | ES
  • Annexes to the Sport Charter (2012) EN | FR | DE | ES



Since 2019 EL has published an Annual Report, which provides an overview of activities from the past year.



The EL Report is a survey circulated to all EL Members once a year in order to gather data on the lottery sector in Europe.

EL Statutes

The current statutes of the “European State Lotteries and Toto Association” were approved by the General Assembly in May 1999 and have been updated several times since (last version June 2018).