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Cookie statement

Several types of cookies may be used by our websites. This applies to the following websites:


We will explain below what cookies are, what they do, which ones are used on our websites and why we use them. We will also explain what you can do if you do not wish to allow cookies, or only certain cookies. This Cookie Policy must be read in conjunction with the Privacy Notice.


Cookies are small text files that your web page server stores on your computer or other electronic device (“computer”) when you visit a webpage. Storing a cookie on your computer allows the web page server to recognise your computer. But a cookie cannot start programs, spread viruses or trace passwords.


Cookies have a specific lifespan from the moment they are stored on a computer. At the end of that period the cookies are deleted by your browser. Some cookies last only as long as the browser session, but there are also cookies that last longer, so that they can also be activated during a next visit to the website. Insofar as we collect personal data of yours using cookies, those data are processed in accordance with our privacy statement.


Our websites use functionality (necessary) cookies and analytical cookies.

Functionality (necessary) Cookies

Some cookies are required for the proper operation of our website. Without these cookies it would not be possible to place orders or to pay electronically, for instance. We also use these cookies to remember your preferences, such as text size, font, language and location. We also use them to identify abuse of or possible problems on our websites, for instance by registering a series of failed login attempts.

The use of functionality (necessary) cookies that have no or only limited consequences for your privacy does not require your permission; you therefore cannot turn them off.

Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies collect information on visitor behaviour on websites, such as the pages that you frequently visit. That information is used to optimise websites and their navigation. They are also used to monitor how you arrived at a website. Anonymous statistics are drawn up of the information that we collect in this manner, using a web analysis system intended for that purpose. Those statistics provide us with information on how often our websites are visited and where visitors spend most of their time, for instance. These cookies are not used to store information by means of which your identity can be established.

Advertising cookies

You will find advertisements on our websites. Most advertisements store cookies to ensure that the advertisements are and remain relevant to you. Advertisements are placed on our websites by us and in some cases by third parties.

We do so to ensure that the offers made to you are as relevant as possible. We can monitor, for instance, what advertisements you have already seen and thereby ensure that you do not see the same advertisements each time.

In addition to us, other parties (such as media agencies and advertising networks) also place advertisements on our websites. Advertising networks and media agencies may act as intermediaries between the owners of websites and advertisers. We have limited knowledge of and no control over these cookies. We therefore accept no responsibility or liability for these advertising cookies or for the manner in which the organisations in question handle the information that they collect.


European Lotteries requests its visitors’ permission to store functionality and analytical cookies. These cookies make it easier for you to navigate through our website. They do not store any private data or passwords.

Cookies are stored on every computer that you use to visit our websites. If you do not wish to receive any cookies at all, you must change the settings on all the computers that you use.

If you make it impossible to store any cookies at all by changing your browser settings in such a way that all cookies are blocked, certain functions may not work or you may not be able to use all our services.


This cookie policy may be amended from time to time. The latest cookie policy can always be found on our website www.european-lotteries.org.

Please regularly consult this cookie policy to familiarise yourself with any amendments.

This cookie policy was most recently amended on May 29, 2018.

If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this Cookie Policy or the use of our websites, please contact us at: info@european-lotteries.org