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EL Working Groups

EL’s structure holds several Working Groups. Every Working Group is governed by a Member of the EL Executive Committee as a Supervisory Chair.

A Member of the Working Group acts as an Executive Chair and takes care of the group’s daily work. The Working Groups are supported by the EL team.

Sustainability & Responsible Gaming

The Sustainability and Responsible Gaming Working Group is devoted to guiding the European Lotteries Association in the development of leading-edge responsible gaming standards. In addition, it wants to aid Members with their requirement to further enhance their corporate social responsibility programmes.

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Data & Research 

The Data & Research Working Group’s objectives is to collect and publish relevant public high quality content in order to promote EL interests externally and advise on outcomes and findings.

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The Education Working Group aims at developing the EL learning programme and monitor and advise on educational and learning developments.

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Innovation & Technology

The mission of the Innovation & Technology Working Group is to inspire and share innovation across the European Lotteries community. They share great ideas from inside and outside of the sector, including innovation methodology, approaches and organisation.

They inspire the community by bringing people together with external perspectives and experiences, showcasing what’s possible and celebrating it. Their purpose is to create and engage an innovation network in the community.

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Legal & Regulatory 

The mandate given to the Legal & Regulatory Working Group is to analyse and discuss the various legal issues that the Association as well as its Members faced, are facing or will face in the future. The working group advises the Executive Committee in legal challenges at hand and in the European legal context, as well as in legally underlining the Association's principles.

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Legal EU Court
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Marketing & Communications

The mission of the Marketing & Communication Working Group is to monitor and advise on marketing and communication developments, trends and campaigns and contribute to EL public position communication.

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Operational Risk & Assurance 

The main objectives of the Operational Risk & Assurance Working Group are to monitor criminal activities and their threats to the gaming industry, lead to prevention of crimes associated with gaming and ensure that EU authorities and EL Members are kept informed. This working group is in charge of developing, maintaining and promoting security and risk management standards/ guidelines for the Association.

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Public Affairs Coordination 

The Public Affairs Coordination Working Group coordinates the public affairs action of the members in the EU arena. One of the main objectives of the PAC is to highlight the fact that Lotteries are an important stakeholder in the European Union development and generate revenues that bring significant benefits to society as mentioned in the Council conclusions of December 2010. The PAC will  advocate in favour of the European Lottery model based upon subsidiarity, solidarity, integrity and precaution.

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European Commission
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Sport and Sport Integrity

The Sport and Sport Integrity Working Group monitors and discusses the development of sports betting as well as policy and regulatory issues within the sports betting field. It makes proposals and prepares working documents for the Executive Committee and maintains contact with federal, political and sport institutions.

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Taskforce on Illegal Gambling

The objective of this taskforce is to monitor developments in illegal gambling, collect, share and coordinate best practices in fighting illegal gambling and contribute to public position communication.

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