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Virtual university
Event 16 Jun 2021

EL Corporate University continues with virtual Induction Module

Like many other EL activities and services, the EL Corporate University continues with its virtual editions this year. For the second online Induction Module (7-11 June 2021) participants joined together over five half days to learn about everything lottery related.

Presentations from lottery professionals or those providing expertise to the lottery world shared their knowledge, experience and insightful information on topics such as the history of lotteries, corporate social responsibility (CSR), multi-jurisdictional games, retail, instant games, customer engagement, storytelling, marketing and legal. The Module was moderated by EL Honorary President Ray Bates. 

”I never cease to be amazed by the quality, involvement, and sheer enthusiasm of these new recruits who suddenly find themselves in a world where they need extended bandwidth to cope with a torrent of new ideas about lotteries, players, channels and games, all in an English language environment. With recruits like these, the future of lotteries is assured.”
Ray Bates

Ray Bates, Moderator, ELVCU

Over 25 participants actively engaged in a breakout session, working together to design an online instant game to appeal to the 18 to 25 age group. Interesting presentations proved this session was a success and any of the game designs could be successfully launched in their own lotteries!

Participants ELVCU

Participants come together for the virtual ELVCU Induction

As always, the Corporate University allowed participants the real opportunity to exchange experience and knowledge with fellow lottery employees as well as hear about the work of EL in more detail. Despite the virtual format, there were lively exchanges and participants had the chance to forge new professional relationships with colleagues in the EL family.

Another 26 graduates from EL(V)CU join over 1,000 lottery professionals who have already profited from this unique EL professional training experience.

The EL(V)CU continues to offer three modules in order to better meet the needs of specific groups of Members – Induction, Executive and Management.