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EL Innovation Award 2022 visual banner
Press Release 6 Oct 2022

2022 EL Innovation Award goes to Norsk Tipping

Whether it is an innovation of a new product, an improved customer journey or a process, the bi-annual EL Innovation Awards showcase the top lottery innovations in the EL membership.

This year’s Award goes to Norsk Tipping A/S for its campaign ‘’Spillepuls: Realtime data-driven player interactions’’ - the lottery’s latest innovation in the field of responsible gaming.

Integrated into the customer journey and acting on the rich data available to each player to prevent at-risk gambling, this unique campaign creates a high level of trust and awareness but at the same time remains relevant and personal to the customer. [1]

”On the occasion of the 2022 EL Innovation seminar, we are delighted to award the top prize to Norsk Tipping. Putting responsibility at its core, this lottery's campaign ticked all the boxes to be the worthy winner. Customer friendly systems, effective campaigns, attractive products, high levels of trust and a good reputation are among the secrets of Norsk Tipping’s success. ”

Jarmo Kumpulainen, Executive Chair of the EL Innovation & Technology Working Group

The digital and personal dialogue gives the customer insight into their own game, invites reflection and makes it easy for them to make choices that moderate the game when the customer needs it.

According to one player - ‘’It is a great experience that you follow up with your customers! Even though it is a simple bot, it feels meaningful and good to be seen’’.

The Innovation Awards ceremony took place on the occasion of the EL Innovation Seminar in Milan (5-7 October) hosted by Sisal Lottery Italia S.p.A and IGT Lottery. [3]

Norsk Tipping EL Innovation Awards 22

Winner of the 2022 EL Innovation Awards - Norsk Tipping


[1] Norsk Tipping campaign Spillepuls, a digital, personal dialogue that aims to prevent players from becoming or remaining risky players. Norsk Tipping has a lot of data about its customers, and this gives the company a unique opportunity to keep a close eye on its customers' gambling behaviour.

[2] The top three winners of the EL Innovation Awards were chosen by a jury consisting of innovation experts. Joint second place: Danske Spil and Latvijas Loto, 4th place: Olifėja UAB, 5th & 6th places: OPAP S.A., 7th place: Norsk Tipping A/S, 8th place: Sisal Lottery Italia S.p.A, 9th place: Norsk Tipping A/S and joint 10th place: ONCE & Sazka.

All the submitting lotteries were presented with a full Innovation Awards Portfolio containing interesting information on the submitted case studies – a fantastic source of innovative inspiration and learning materials.

[3] The Innovation Awards 2022 are an initiative by the EL Innovation and Technology Working Group.