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European Parliament

Public affairs coordination

The Public Affairs Coordination (PAC) Working Group (WG) coordinates the public affairs action of the members in the EU arena. One of the main objectives of the PAC WG is to highlight the fact that Lotteries are an important stakeholder in the European Union development and generate revenues that bring significant benefits to society as mentioned in the Council conclusions of December 2010. The PAC WG will advocate in favour of the European Lottery model based upon subsidiarity, solidarity, integrity and precaution.

The Public Affairs Coordination (PAC) Working Group

Stéphane Pallez


Supervisory Chair

Frédéric Deroin


Executive Chair

Oscar Castro


Markus Eder

Austrian Lotteries

Thomas Worack

Lotto Bayern

Hannu Kareinen

Veikkaus Oy

Petri Lahesmaa

The Beneficiaries of Finnish Lottery

Roland Louski

Nationale Loterij

Valerie Peano


Nils Petersen


Julia Schneider

Saarland Sporttoto

Ana Silva Coelho


Dimitra Voulgari


Magdalena Parol

Totalizator Sportowy

Giuseppe Pelle

IGT Lottery

Allegra Crahay