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The mission of the Innovation & Technology Working Group is to inspire and share innovation across the European Lotteries community. To share great ideas from inside and outside of the sector, including innovation methodology, approaches and organisation.

The Working Group inspires the community by bringing people together with external perspectives and experiences, showcasing what’s possible and celebrating it with the purpose to create and engage an innovation network in the community.

The Innovation Working Group


Sisal Group

Supervisory Chair

Chiara Marchegiano

Sisal Group

Executive Chair

Manuel Espluga


Andrée Celeste Brentini

Sisal Group

Luca Diquattro

Sisal Group

Catarina Sousa

Santa Casa

Susanne Moormann


Miguel Ángel Gómez Rodríguez


Ignacio Martín Labrosa


Avi Levy

Mifal Hapais

Ysabel Rollet


Raphaël Frayssinet


Franz Brandstetter

Austrian lotteries

Felix Scheuer

Austrian lotteries

Ellen de Kruijf

Nederlandse Loterij

Marthe Kristine Hafsahl Karset

Norsk Tipping

Kevin Van Belle

Loterie Nationale

Kimmo Koskinen

Veikkaus Oy

Marusa Jerina

Loterija Slovenije

Bil Bartłomiej

Totalizator Sportowy