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Event 30 Oct 2019

EL at first-ever Responsibility in Gaming Conference

Bringing together over 80 participants from the gambling sector, the first-ever Responsibility in Gaming Conference in Brussels focused on the deeper causes of problem gambling, but more importantly, on what stakeholders can and should do to create an effective and workable responsible gaming policy. EL Secretary General and several EL members were invited to present during the two-day event.

Translating the latest insight on problem gambling and looking at the neurological effects seen in the brains of people with a gambling disorder was a core focus on the Conference, together with the discussion around what regulators know and do about it. The first day focused on Artificial Intelligence and regulatory aspects, while the second day included presentations and interviews with industry stakeholders including EL and its members.

​Moderated by Peter-Paul de Goeij, Quod Bonum from The Netherlands, EL Secretary General Arjan van ‘t Veer took part in an ‘Interview with Industry Stakeholders’ together with Per Jaldung, Chair of the European Casino Association (ECA). Arjan van ‘t Veer highlighted how progress should be an opportunity to help market regulation and the importance of a risk-based approach towards gambling advertisement to safeguard the channeling role and the benefits of games for society.

Earlier this year EL members adopted the Antwerp Resolution on societal role of lotteries, the need to change gambling desire and to advertise lottery productions. The importance of responsibility for EL and its members with a reference to the EL Responsible Gaming Certification was also mentioned.

‘‘EL and its members are committed to addressing illegal gambling and related criminal activities while minimising any potential harm on society and vulnerable groups. Responsibility is one of our core values and the EL Responsible Gaming Standard not only strengthens this but promotes the adoption of best practices across the EL membership. This Conference was an opportunity to highlight EL’s ongoing activities and proactiveness on Responsible Gaming policy’’.

There were also several presentations and interventions from EL members. First, Sisal’s Valérie Peano and co-founder of the European Gambling Lawyers and Advisors (EGLA) participated in a panel debate on regulation, where she outlined how self-regulation is meaningless without enforcement or fines for those who break the rules and how gambling must self-regulate now more than ever.

Camelot’s Head of Corporate Responsibility Alison Gardner shared experiences of using behavioural science to design interventions with national lottery players.

Regulatory Affairs Adviser for the Nationale Loterij (Belgium) Roland Louski focused on ‘responsibility by design’. His takeaway from the Conference – “The future will be more intelligent and more intrusive regarding the way the players will be tracked down and their behaviours supervised.  For the more dangerous gambling activities, a balance needs to be struck between the protection of the player’s privacy and the prevention policies to avoid problem gambling.”

Further information on the Responsibility in Gaming Conference:  https://www.responsibilityingaming.com/

More information on EL’s Responsible Gaming Standard and a list of certified lotteries is available here.