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Event 4 May 2023

11th EL Congress & Trade Show

2023 is set to be another busy year for EL. Before we know it, the summer will soon be upon us, and with that comes the lottery event of the year – the 11th EL Congress & Trade Show which will take place between June 4 and June 7 2023.

Together with the EL Executive Committee, Hrvatska Lutrija (Croatian Lottery) as the hosting Lottery and EL’s Partners, we are looking forward to the 11th Congress & Trade Show, set in a beautiful region characterised by its Mediterranean climate and picturesque landscape.

The Congress programme, under the theme LOOKING FORWARD, will be future looking, including inspiring keynote speakers on relevant themes such as the Metaverse, corporate culture and E-sports. It will have state of the art examples of new techniques and the latest on artificial intelligence. All EL Working Groups will provide their specific topics on the second day of the event.

An attractive Trade Show will bring the latest developments by the leading suppliers of the lottery sector and will be the place to meet, experience and do business. 

The 11th EL Congress and Trade Show will bring magic that you will never forget. 

Business Programme

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