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A sustainable model for the benefit of society

More about EL

About EL

The European Lotteries Association (EL) is the European umbrella organisation of national lotteries operating games of chance, including sports betting. The members of EL are operating their services for the public benefit.

EL is the largest and most representative lottery and gambling sector’s organisation in Europe, present in 39 European countries with a total of 70 members, including all EU member states (50 members are in the EU and 20 non-EU member states).  EL stands for the sound and sustainable activity model for the benefit of society, based on the values of forward-thinking, sustainability and integrity. 

In 2022, EL members secured more than €22 billion for society and directly supported valuable projects related to sport, cultural heritage, art, health care, individuals with disabilities/disadvantages, education, science and many other areas. It is estimated that around half of the European adult population annually participates in the games that are offered by the EL members. EL members only operate in those jurisdictions in which they are licensed by the state and where they comply with the legal requirements (e. g. anti-money laundering, responsible gaming policies, etc), and act as the most responsible operators in each jurisdiction.

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To safeguard the important role lotteries play for the benefit of society, EL calls on EU policymakers to Safeguard National Lotteries Unique Role for Society; Fight Illegal Operators and Their Online Content; Tax Operators in the Consumers' Country; Strengthen Consumer Protection by Leveraging National Expertise; Take a Risk Based Approach to Advertising; AI in Digital Gambling: Explore Opportunities, Prevent Misuse; Urge the Ratification of the Macolin Convention, and; Include Lotteries into Environmental and Future Social Taxonomy.

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