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EL Report 2020
Event 17 Feb 2022

EL Members come together to discuss lottery sector trends & learnings from the EL Report 2020

The first 2022 EL Data & Research webinar brought together participants to learn all about the trends and learnings from the EL Report 2020. Presentations from members of the EL Data & Research Working Group not only focused on the main findings, but also on the lessons learnt from the COVID-19 impact on the operations of lottery members.

In 2020, EL Members’ contributions to society amounted to nearly 16 billion Euros, which means that even when Sales and GGR were highly impacted, the EL Members worked to successfully limit the impact on the financial contributions for society as much as possible. Although on average 33 percent of the EL Members’ retail networks was temporarily closed, for an average of 9 weeks, national lotteries still played a fundamental role to benefit society in times of need.

The EL Report 2020 also showed that despite some decrease in GGR in all product verticals, the trend of slowly growing share of Instant Games and Sports Betting in the EL Members product verticals mix was not affected by the pandemic. The online channel did see an accelerated growth versus previous years, driven by the Covid impact on retail, speeded up technical and product innovations and the opening of new product verticals by EL Members.

In 2020, the Data & Research Working Group also started collecting new data, like the number of online customers (which increased by 22% between 2019 and 2020) or the percentage of women in the companies (50/50) and top-level management (almost 40%).

This Data & Research webinar was the first of several webinars to take place during the course of 2022. Stay tuned for the next edition!

EL Report on the Lottery Sector in Europe 2020

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