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News 8 Aug 2022

War in Ukraine: Support by EL Members to society (updated August 2022)

EL Members are instrumental in supporting society in times of crisis. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine at the end of February 2022, many Members have taken action and showed their solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Lotteries continue to uphold their historic support and benefit to society in times of need.

Below are just some of the initiatives received from EL Members. All these are important and EL encourages its Members to continue these support actions.


Austrian Lotteries

  • The focus of Austrian Lotteries' economic activities – in addition to providing high-quality lottery games – is on the well-being of Austria and its population. This forms the basis for its sponsoring activities, especially in social and humanitarian areas. In certain situations, however, that simply is not enough. Sometimes its socio-political responsibility cannot just be limited to Austria but must include a perspective beyond our borders.
  • The conflict between Russia and Ukraine and its catastrophic humanitarian consequences is one such situation. In a quick, unbureaucratic initial relief action, the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group donated 75,000 euros to the "Nachbar in Not" ("Neighbour in Need") charity organisation.
  • The Corporate Volunteering Programme, in which employees could use working hours to contribute to social commitment, was also expanded: staff members will now also do volunteer work in connection with humanitarian aid for people in Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees.
  • Staff members organised a collection of necessary medical goods to support Healthcare in Ukraine.
  • No bets are accepted anymore on Russian and Belorussian teams and leagues.
  • The Easter week in 2022 at Austrian Lotteries was dedicated to the humanitarian “Nachbar in Not” (Neighbours in Need – Help for Ukraine). Austrian Lotteries dedicated all draws to help Ukraine. Austrian Lotteries donated 5 cents to Neighbours in Need for every tip placed between Monday, 11 April, and Easter Sunday, 17 April 2022. This donation applied to all Austrian Lotteries betting slip games, i.e. Lotto, Joker, EuroMillions, Toto, Bingo, TopTipp, Zahlenlotto and Lucky Day. Based on an average game participation, an amount of at least 700,000 euros is expected to benefit Ukraine, with a favourable jackpot development, it could be significantly more.



Loterie Nationale Loterij

  • The Belgian National Lottery has donated 1.9 million EUR for emergency aid to refugees from Ukraine. The money will be used to support several organisations in providing emergency aid. This can involve urgent care, food, hygiene, education and psychosocial guidance and protection. All those organisations, like for example “red cross” or “artsen zonder grenzen – médecins sans frontières”, are already part of the National Lottery's “good causes” that can count on a donation every year. This 1.9 million EUR is a clear “on top”.
  • The company also takes other very specific initiatives to support refugees. For example, 60 computers were donated to the organization 'digital for youth', which will make these devices available to young Ukrainian refugees in Belgium. 



Hrvatska Lutrija

  • Exclude all sports and related events from Russia and Belarus from the offer of Cro Bet bookmakers. The same initiative has been passed on to the regulators and the highest level (government), as well as being communicated to the general public in the media (so that other organisers and bookmakers do the same).    
  • Encourage all employees to get involved and donate to the Croatian Red Cross and Caritas - financial and commodity donations      
  • Support the action of Zagreb Caritas "Little is what matters" which collects voluntary contributions from citizens / players at our points of sale               
  • Open the possibility of employment of the refugee population provided by the Government of the Republic of Croatia.


Czech Republic


  • Support at the borders to facilitate refugees leaving Ukraine, particularly via Hungary.
  • Allwyn and KKCG are supporting Ukrainian citizens, including the organisation of trucks equipped with food, sleeping bags and hygiene products.
  • Allwyn Entertainment’s lotteries are raising funds for the Red Cross and employees are being encouraged to engage in volunteer work.
  • Humanitarian and financial support will continue as long as it is needed.
  • One of the group’s Prague offices has also been converted into a safe centre for Ukrainian refugees.



La Française des Jeux (FDJ)

  • In March 2022 FDJ donated 200,000 EUR to the French Red Cross to support the humanitarian work of the International Red Cross and Ukrainian Red Cross.
  • Since then, FDJ and its foundation have been working on additional actions, in particular related to the support to refugees arriving in France. In July 2022, FDJ donated 200,000 EUR to two Associations for Ukrainian refugees in France - “Bibliothèques sans frontières” (Libraries without borders) and “Ensemble pour le développement humain” (Together for human development). These donations contribute to supporting emergency accommodation centres and financing the creation of a mobile app for refugees (to be launched in September), dedicated to help refugees learn French and find administrative info (how to find a school, a job etc).




  • OPAP immediately proceeded with the delivery of a financial donation to the Greek chapter of the Red Cross, supporting the international organisation’s work for the management of the major humanitarian crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. OPAPs contribution will be directed to supporting the tremendous efforts of the Ukrainian Red Cross, to aid those affected across the country and effectively cover the needs that emerge during the management of this crisis. 
  • OPAP has joined forces with the Hellenic Red Cross, assisting its actions to manage a huge humanitarian crisis. Today, OPAP is extending its support to the important work of the Hellenic Red Cross, implementing a fresh initiative to collect and send essential items. OPAP is immediately proceeding with a fresh donation, in kind, towards the Hellenic Red Cross.
  • OPAP invites customers, partners, and employees, as well as everyone wishing to financially contribute to the work for the Red Cross, to make a donation.
  • As of Thursday 24 March to Friday 8 April OPAP is collecting donations in the following two categories of goods: 1) Food: Condensed milk, milk powder for children, canned food of all types, cereals, nuts, flour, dried pasta, legumes and 2) Medicine: Antipyretics, saline, eye drops, sterile gauze, wound healing sprays, ointments for burns, serum devices for intravenous drug infusion, syringes of all sizes, hemostatic drugs, medical masks, hand & surface sanitizers, thermometers, first aid kits.
  • The OPAP premises in Athens was illuminated in the colours of the Ukrainian flag.



Szerencsejáték Zrt.

  • Szerencsejáték Zrt. is constantly monitoring the war in Ukraine as families, old and young flee the combat zones, leaving behind all their possessions. The lottery has decided to provide its strategic partner, the Hungarian Interchurch Aid, with immediate financial support of HUF 25 million to help the victims of the Ukraine conflict through the “Bridge for Transcarpathia” aid programme.
  • Staff of the lottery have also joined the nationwide campaign of the Hungarian Interchurch Aid to collect donations in kind and to raise funds from citizens and businesses in support of their humanitarian aid programme to help war ravaged Ukraine. Szerencsejáték Zrt. continues to receive supplies of hygiene products, blankets, sheets, sleeping bags, flashlights to those in need through the relief organisation as they come in.
  • Szerencsejáték Zrt. is also asking its players to support – within their means - those in need.



IGT Italy

  • IGT donated to the International Red Cross and invited employees to donate to IRC to supports the ones affected by the war in Ukraine. IGT Italy has suggested that employees use one of the Local Red Cross Affiliates to donate. The Company will match employees’ donations through the Company Matching gift program.


The Netherlands

Novamedia/Postcode Lotteries

  • Together with our hundreds of charity partners and our millions of players in the Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain, Germany and Norway, the Postcode Lotteries want to contribute to a better world. The charities the Postcode Lotteries support, receive unearmarked donations. Funded charities include the Red Cross, UNICEF, Médecins Sans Frontières, Netherlands Refugee Foundation, UNHCR, Amnesty International, Cordaid, Save the Children, Doctors of the World, War Child, SOS Children's Villages, Human Rights Watch and Civil Rights Defenders. These good causes can respond to the current crisis in Ukraine and deliver vital support where it is needed most, in addition to all the heart-warming actions that are being organised by all kinds of concerned citizens throughout the world.



Norsk Tipping AB

  • The Norwegian Football Association recently launched a solidary initiative where sponsors and business partners collectively could contribute to the Red Cross humanitarian Initiatives for Ukraine. Norsk Tipping have made a substantial contribution to this pledge hoping that our involvement also will encourage other Norwegian enterprises to involve themselves in helping in the tragic situation in Ukraine. This initiative has developed, and now the whole sports association in Norway have linked up with the football association making this a joint initiative. We believe strongly in making our contributions through this type of collective initiatives where we together with our beneficiaries could act as a common unity. 



Totalizator Sportowy 

  • Totalizator Sportowy (TS) has organised a 24/7 information point at the West Station in Warsaw, where many refugees are arriving from Ukraine. The point serves as a waiting room for mothers with children before they head out to other destinations in Poland and further in Europe. It is also possible to receive legal advice there. TS employees are volunteering at the point, providing information, helping with food and hot beverages, playing with children etc. They are allowed to volunteer during work hours (with the right to remuneration).
  • The TS LOTTO Foundation has donated PLN 200,000 to the Polish Red Cross and PLN 200,000 to Polish Caritas, charities currently helping refugees (each donation around EUR 42,000).
  • LOTTO Foundation has also started a dedicated program, where volunteers from our company can register their own local initiatives and get funding for them.
  • On March 14 TS gave over the company holiday centre in Krynica-Zdroj as a housing facility for refugees. It will house 45 people and intends to hire between 3 to 5 Ukrainian people there as well.
  • TS has supported employees in collecting food, personal hygiene items and meds for refugees, by providing space and transport for collected items.
  • On 18 March 2020 LOTTO launched a dedicated charity lottery (pool draw based game) to raise money for Ukraine entitled ‘’Zakłady Specjalne’ (translated Special Bets). This is for a limited time and customers can buy tickets from 18 March to 3 April. All the revenues (all the stakes paid minus the regulatory surcharge) will be transferred to organisations providing support to Ukraine and refugees. Special Bets is a type of a draw-based game that TS has been using throughout the years to additionally support any ad hoc initiatives and good causes that have not been planned for a fiscal year. Special bets can be purchased at all 18.500 LOTTO stores. The stake is 10 PLN and as said above, all the revenues will be dedicated to the Ukraine cause. More information here in Polish.
  • Athletes and other organisations partnering with us have recorded a video of support for Ukraine.



Loterija Slovenije

  • Slovene humanitarian organisations that are actively helping Ukrainian people are financed by Loterija Slovenije, so the benefit of our daily operations is now more obvious than ever.
  • Immediately after the war started the lottery took a clear standpoint against the aggression, banned ‘business as usual’ and shared information from Ukrainians finding themselves in this horrid situation. 
  • The company gave additional donations to the local Red Cross and Caritas. Employees have been engaged in gathering material help and financial donations as well as connecting people who wanted to offer help with those who knew how to deliver it.
  • Loterija Slovenije has also been donating to the International Search & Rescue Dog Organisation providing aid to Ukrainian teams searching for people trapped in the rubble.  




  • The ONCE Social Group has opened its doors to blind or disabled people from Ukraine, showing solidarity and support to them all. 
  • ONCE has communicated its willingness to the Spanish Government and other Administrations, as well as to NGOs and national and international organisations involved in humanitarian assistance.
  • ONCE has already donated specific material for blind or disabled people, with the intention of reaching its destination asap, humanitarian financing, advice on emergency accessibility, as well as the reception of refugees/displaced, especially the blind or with any other type of disability, through all the means available to its three areas (ONCE, Fundación ONCE and Ilunion).



  • SELAE is working closely with the Spanish Red Cross, to support their humanitarian work. In particular, SELAE will grant one million euros to help the Ukrainian refugees arriving in Spain. This program can involve food or accommodation but also socio-labour integration, protection, or education.
  • SELAE collaborates with Cáritas Spain providing food or clothes for women and children, and SIM cards (telephone numbers): because they want to call their loved ones in Ukraine.




  • Benefits generated by Swisslos in the amount of approximately CHF 2.5M euros were donated by its shareholders, the German-speaking states of Switzerland («cantons») for aid in Ukraine.


United Kingdom


  • Camelot has made a corporate donation of £1 million to the British Red Cross to aid efforts for Ukraine.
  • In addition, the 12 specialist UK distributors who award National Lottery funding already support many projects for refugee, asylum seekers and diaspora groups - and are accepting further requests from organisations helping with this crisis.

War in Ukraine: Initiatives from EL Members

If you have initiatives that you would like to share, please send an email to lucy.mathieson@european-lotteries.eu