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News 9 Nov 2023

Taking Players on an Immersive Journey with an Omnichannel Lottery Ecosystem

SG Ecosystem_1920x850.png

Omnichannel play is all about the journey. Game designers are creating products with multiple channels in mind, and player reactions to interactive, immersive experiences across retail and digital products have been overwhelmingly positive.

With almost 70 years of combined experience advising lotteries in Europe and globally, Scientific Games’ digital experts shared their perspectives at the 2023 European Lotteries Congress.

“Everyone’s talking about omnichannel,” says Steve Hickson, Vice President of Game Development for Scientific Games. “We view it as an ecosystem with a purpose. It’s more than simply offering a wide variety of games – the key to success is to build an immersive experience for players across retail and digital products.”

Building an omnichannel ecosystem involves using data to create strategic interactions with players at every touchpoint, both on- and offline. Purposeful solutions that deliver a journey across channels, entertaining players while simultaneously supporting the lottery’s mission, are critical to future sustainability.

“We create a seamless experience for players,” says Harpreet Garcha, Senior Business Development Manager for Scientific Games. “Each part of their journey builds excitement and gives them new chances to win whether it’s a game purchased at retail or digitally.”


While lotteries customize their omnichannel approach based on local gaming regulations, the Scientific Games team has driven results for customers with certain key components:

CRM Provides Insights

Data informs every part of the multichannel ecosystem at Scientific Games. The company’s solutions provide data-driven analytics to optimize game portfolios and messaging to players in different segments. Customer relationship management creates a comprehensive view of each player’s journey, allowing lotteries to identify personal engagement that can lead to converting players from retail to digital or vice versa.

Digital Promotions Create Momentum and Build Player Engagement

Products like ONCE’s Rasca-Link game series, created by Scientific Games, extend the fun by adding a digital component to a physical scratch game. iDecide, launched by Scientific Games in partnership with Groupe FDJ, adds an exciting element of chance by allowing players to decide between cashing in their winnings from a scratch game or playing for more opportunities to win in a digital game extension.

Loyalty Programs Motivate Players to Explore New Games

Next-gen loyalty programs provide strategic incentives to encourage existing players to try different types of games and increase retention rates across channels. Scientific Games offers lotteries one of the most comprehensive loyalty programs in the industry, accessed easily through a mobile app and offering new achievement-based ways to win cash and prizes.

Licensed Properties Unify Games Across Channels

To give players an immersive experience, each component must feel like a seamless extension of the last. Using licensed properties like GAME OF THRONES and MONOPOLY for eInstant game content has proven effective in unifying players’ experiences across retail and digital.

A strategic omnichannel approach to lottery transforms players into the heroes of their own lottery adventure. “Omnichannel is the future of lottery,” Garcha says. “It’s all about connecting with players with the lottery’s brand and giving them an exciting new way to engage and play games.”  By using data-driven insights and proven methods, European lotteries can deliver an omnichannel gaming experience that keeps players asking for more.

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