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News 20 Feb 2024

Interview with Romana Girandon: EL's Strategic Outline 2023-2025

In a recent interview with PRGI Magazine, EL President Romana Girandon highlights the importance of EL’s new Strategy for the period 2023-2025. The timeless principles that EL membership holds dear are affirmed along with the outline of values, strategic goals, and action to guide them in their mission to benefit society.

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In the words of Romana, “United in diversity, EL will be recognised as an Association of responsible and successful members making the most positive social impact. EL welcomes the challenge to lead the way and contribute towards the goal of regulating games-of-chance for public good.”

The new Strategy was adopted during the 2023 General Assembly and runs until 2025. Romana believes this a time when it is more important than ever to channel energies and resources in the most productive ways possible. That calls for a clarity of who we are, what we stand for and a purpose statement that is more action-oriented than aspirational.

EL's all important headline, ''For the Benefit of Society'' continues to represent our most foundational mission statement. Our transition towards this focus on action-based values has actually been years in the making. The current Strategic Outline is a living document with a two-year timeline to enable ongoing revisions. 

As an Association, we are prepared to evolve our action-plans to keep up with a world that is changing at a faster rate than ever; while staying clear and true to our core values.

Read the full interview

PGRI Public Gaming Magazine January/February 2024

EL Strategic Outline Overview 2023-2025