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News 26 Jan 2022

IGT Reinforces ESG Leadership with Commitment to the Science Based Targets Initiative

On January 11, IGT announced it has joined the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which drives climate action among businesses worldwide. Through this formal commitment, IGT pledges to set targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to low-carbon emissions and furthering its beneficial environmental, social, and governance (ESG) impact.

This recent announcement is just one of many ways the global gaming company has been stepping up its longstanding efforts to engage with important aspects of social and environmental sustainability.

Like other firms at the leading edge of these practices, IGT addresses a broad spectrum of sustainability concerns, which it reports through calculations of its environmental and societal impacts, with the added purpose of leveraging the data collected in order to set targets that would ensure sustainable growth for the company. 

The new SBTi commitment aligns the company with the most ambitious objective of the 2015 Paris Agreement: IGT will develop both near- and long-term greenhouse gas emissions targets to contribute to the effort to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius compared to the pre-industrial average temperature.

”We are working to secure future success for our customers and advance gaming to the next level by moving from the concept of ‘corporate social responsibility’ to a broader commitment to sustainability, whether in reducing waste or addressing wider environmental and human rights issues. It is likely that players, especially younger players, will continue to become more aware of how sustainable practices impact their day-to-day purchases. We know that our practices can allow customers and players to participate in a sustainably minded supply chain.”

Wendy Montgomery, Senior Vice President Marketing, Communications & Sustainability, IGT

For example, flexibility and an environmental focus at IGT’s award-winning North American printing facility gives lottery customers options as to how their instant tickets are made and allows them to participate in a sustainably minded supply chain.

IGT has created a governance structure, including an executive Sustainability Steering Committee, to guide its efforts, a dedicated team to coordinate the execution of the related work, and an annual GRI-compliant (Global Reporting Initiative) Sustainability Report to provide transparency and accountability to a standard recognized worldwide.


New Responsible Gaming Policy

A critical aspect of IGT’s sustainability approach is to deliver innovation and excellence to keep gaming fun for all. And central to this goal is the company’s adherence to the world’s most demanding Responsible Gaming frameworks. In late October, IGT released its global Responsible Gaming Policy. This policy was created to transparently inform and educate all relevant stakeholders about the company's worldwide programs and solutions designed to promote fair play and comply with requirements and regulations on Responsible Gaming in all jurisdictions in which IGT operates.

”Our customers and employees care a lot about sustainability – it’s not an academic exercise. Customers come to us and ask us to demonstrate our leadership and commitment. And with about 11,000 employees operating in more than 100 countries, our sustainability practices are also supported by those strong relationships with our people, customers, and suppliers around the world.”

Jay Gendron, Chief Operating Officer Lottery, IGT

IGT’s annual Sustainability Report, now in its 14th year, provides a full account of the wide-ranging initiatives and actions carried out through the efforts of employees around the world. The report is available at IGT.com

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