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Kazan Action Plan
News 12 Apr 2024

EU Sport Integrity Day 2024: Fighting match-fixing and safeguard sport for society

On the occasion of EU Sport Integrity Day, The European Lotteries (EL) reaffirm a strong commitment in the fight against match-fixing and the safeguarding of sport integrity.

EL is dedicated to raising standards in the field of integrity and adopts a zero-tolerance policy towards unethical behaviours, particularly in sports betting. By enforcing strict standards, EL and its members ensure secure and fair operations while mitigating the risks associated with fraud and criminal infiltrations.

In jeopardising sports ethics and the unpredictability that underlies every sporting contest, it calls into question the very nature of sport, and therefore the public’s interest in sport and the willingness of public and private sponsors to finance it.

Today, EL emphasises the importance of national lotteries to preserve the honesty of sports betting, but, above all, to promote the positive value of sport.

EL works closely with like-minded stakeholders such as the European Institutions, the Council of Europe (CoE), United Lotteries for Integrity in Sports (ULIS), the World Lottery Association (WLA), and the European Sports NGO (ENGSO). EL continues to endorse and fully support the Macolin Convention, the only legally binding international treaty promoting global cooperation to tackle the manipulation of sports competitions.

This week, EL’s participation in the EU Sport Forum (16-17 April), provides the opportunity to continue important dialogues with the European and international sports communities. Key topics for discussion include integrity, sustainability, and gender equality.