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Instant Games
Event 10 Mar 2021

EL Webinar highlights fast growing world of Instant Games

Hosted by EL Member Mifal Hapais (Israel), the Webinar gathering almost 200 participants, was the second in a series devoted to the fast growing world of Instant games, both e-instants and paper instants.

Market overviews, Instant Games in POS and E-Instants

Valtteri Merikallio, Market Insight, Veikkaus Oy (Finland) opened the online event with a market overview showing the growth of the instant and e-instant product around Europe. It is clear that there remains much scope for growth in this vertical in many Member Lotteries, based on trends in those States who have a history of developing innovative products and exploring various themes as well as differentiated price/prize points.

Zvika Philipps, Manager of Sales, Mifal Hapais (Israel) gave a most interesting chronological history of the development of Instant Games in POS in Israel. Interestingly, retail agents in Israel contribute to the cost of the lottery POS, proving that they value its beneficial effect on their outlets. Walking the participants through many generations of the look and feel of their public face, and with the help of an in-house designer, Mifal Hapais has succeeded in both improving its brand image while at the same time securing the most desirable counter spaces - next to the tills - in the retail outlets.

Guillaume Pernette, Interactive Factory Director, La Française des Jeux (France), gave very impressive examples of FdJ’s Platform for Digital Innovative Games. Incorporating interesting design features, extended play and the combination of chance/choice, he gave samples of games like “Doubles or Quits”, where the player can exercise control; even within a game of chance. He also described the Super Jackpot family of games with its compelling proposition based on a low stake with the chance of winning an exciting progressive jackpot.

Fotis Zisimopoulos, Product Director, OPAP (Greece), presented on the Instants Annuity Product Propositions in the country. In a great example of capturing the zeitgeist, the generic idea of the win-for-life or be-secure-for-a-year was cleverly tailored by OPAP to the Covid situation offering a choice of two games – one promising a return to the good times with a weekly prize for a year and the second version offering a long-term solution financial planning, with a monthly prize for 30 years.

Instant Games

Instant Games Suppliers Panel

The Webinar concluded with a Supplier/Partner panel with Jacqueline Deragon (IGT), Michelle Annandale (Pollard Banknote), Kevin Anderson (Scientific Games), Abhishek Kumbhat (Skilrock), and Yariv Sarig (NeoGames), which gave interesting answers and reflections on a number of relevant issues raised by the Moderator, Ray Bates.

The panel were unanimous in agreeing that the paper scratch card was most definitely not in danger of extinction despite the accelerating growth of the e-instant or digital scratch card (there was even some disagreement on what to call the online version of the paper product).

Green” tickets were proving popular, particularly with younger players, but there was some doubt about the premium lotteries being prepared to pay for the genuine article. Full agreement was reached on the interesting question of what would be the optimum number of games to have active in a market at one time – 20 games. The Suppliers also felt that not all lottery companies were profiting fully from the broad practical experience the suppliers could offer based on their customers’ experiences all over the world. 

A final question on future challenges was answered by a family of Suppliers who reassured EL Members that they were more than prepared for what the future would bring, both in terms of traditional retail or in the online space.

Webinar programme (5 March 2021)