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News 15 Apr 2020

EL launches e-learning platform for Members

An important aspect of our service towards EL is to organise attractive seminars, workshops and other education activities such as the EL Corporate University (ELCU) modules. As all EL events are currently postponed due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, nearly all the participants of our planned events are now safely remotely working from their homes, like many of their colleagues.

With this in mind, EL is pleased to announce its easy to use online e-learning platform for members, which aims to have several learning journeys to serve various employees from management level to operational experts to newcomers.

As a start, this online environment has, in the four official languages of the Association a wide variety of free to access general modules to enhance general skills and knowledge. In a next phase more lottery related modules will be uploaded, covering subjects such as Responsible Gaming, Security/Integrity and CSR. The EL CSR Guidelines animation video and the Certification Framework are already available online.

EL is working closely with partners and business schools to offer further academic modules on topics related to marketing, innovation, finance and business development (note that these academical modules will not be free of charge).

Stay home, stay active, stay safe and get ready to explore the EL e-learning platform!