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News 21 Jun 2024

EL Industry Days 2024 – Promising Initial Findings on the Positive Impact of Lotteries

The impact of the members of the European Lotteries (EL) on society is likely to be even more positive than one would expect. At the 10th edition of the EL Industry Days, held from 17 to 19 June 2024 in Salzburg, initial results of various studies and projects were presented and discussed.

EL President Romana Girandon IDs 2024

EL President Romana Girandon opened the EL Industry Days 2024 in Salzburg, all about ''Creating Positive Social Impact Together''. 

Academic Insights on Social Impact

Preliminary results from an University of Lille study on the social value of lotteries were presented. Initial findings from France and Belgium demonstrate a positive impact of lottery games. As the econometric model will be applied to more international data, future research over the next 12 months will provide a better understanding of the (positive) societal benefits of lotteries.

EL Impact Report Shows Promising First Results 

By prioritising the purpose of lotteries - to promote and defend a sustainable lottery model - EL and its members aim to be recognised leaders in Positive Social Impact. EL’s aim is to build up an Impact Report, to show a comprehensive overview of its members’ sustainability activities. First elements show that this report can become leading in the sector. Initiatives, best practices and case studies emphasis positive social impact they have and their valuable contributions to society. 

Here not only the diverse projects to support grassroots sports, culture, heritage or healthcare were presented. EL leads the way in underlining the importance of player protection, next to a zero tolerance towards illegal activities.

collage 5.png

EL Initiatives, panel discussions and a celebration of the WiLL class 2023-24 all contributed to the programme

CEO panel debate on this topic concluded that targeted communications, transparency, trust, innovation, collaboration, promoting funding for good causes, and shared values could further showcase lottery leadership in social sustainability. Furthermore, various insights were presented in EL’s environmental initiatives, focusing on the promotion of certified paper in the sector as well as the measurement of carbon footprints. EL’s 4th class of its Women’s Initiative in Lottery Leadership (WiLL) was highlighted in the programme as well.

panel ceo.jpg

The CEO Panel Debate highlighted the importance of showing lotteries' positive social impact on society

Collaborative Projects and Partner Contributions to Sustainability

New initiatives such as the EL Heritage Project, called on EL members to come together to safeguard and protect the cultural heritage of lotteries. Examples were given from El Gordo in Spain and The National Lottery in Belgium where the first modern lottery game was born, back in 1441 in Bruges.  

Collaborative projects with partners ENGSO and Sport & Citizenship were announced, emphasizing the unifying power of grassroot sports to unite and drive positive social impact. Notable initiatives included ‘’Football shirt Friday’’ by Danske Spil in Denmark and projects in North-Rhine Westphalia supported by WestLotto.

EL’s partners IGT, Scientific Games and NeoGames presented their far reaching projects and work on creating a sustainable impact on society as well. Although these initiatives may be not highlighted in the everyday services to their clients, these suppliers are taking initiatives as water based printing, electrical transportation methodes, extensive reports and award winning innovations. EL’s partners show true leadership in supporting the sectors initiatives to create positive impact.


Thanks to EL Partners for supporting the Industry Days. From left to right: Pat McHugh, CEO, Scientific Games, Renato Ascoli, CEO, Global Lottery, IGT & Chris Shaban, Managing Director, iLottery, NeoGames

Looking ahead – Building a Better Future

EL and its members strive to make their positive social impact bigger and further reaching, to differ from illegal operators, and showcase their valuable contributions to society. Over the coming months, more evidence will be gathered on the importance of preserving the sustainable lottery model for society. These findings will be presented during the 2025 EL Congress, organised in Bern and hosted by Loterie Romande and Swisslos.

collage 7.png

Inspirational speakers brought their personal stories to the Industry Days

General Assembly highlights

On the occasion of the General Assembly in Salzburg, EL members endorsed the co-optation of Mr Ionut-Valeriu Andrei (CEO, Loteria Română) into the EL Executive Committee. The National Lottery Authority of Ghana was approved as a new EL Observer member and the following as Associate members: Greentube GmbH, Allodium Games s.r.o., Custom Group  and Optimove. The membership of Caspian Tech was discontinued due to non-compliance with the mandatory responsible gaming certification. The General Assembly decided to consolidate all activities at its Brussels headquarters, thanking Loterie Romande for its longstanding support of the EL Lausanne office.

General Assembly1.jpg

The EL General Assembly 2024 took place on the occasion of the Industry Days