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News 1 Jan 2020

EL Advocacy Brochure for EU policymakers

Advocacy brochure for policymakers

Advocating the interests of EL Members is an important statutory task of the Association. Initiatives at EU level can be driven by either the European Commission or by the European Parliament or other relevant bodies such as the OECD. With the new European Parliament and Commission in place for the period 2019-2024, EL it set to continue to monitor and actively participate in relevant policy developments, working closely with its members or other gambling related associations or partners where needed.

In light of the new European political landscape, EL is pleased to present its new advocacy brochure, developed in close collaboration with the EL Public Affairs Working Group. This new brochure allows EL and its members to call on European policymakers to sustain the current widespread and successful model of national lotteries in Europe, safeguard the benefits of national lotteries for society and support national gambling policies through the principle of subsidiarity.

EL fully supports the continued application of the principle of subsidiarity in the gambling sector, as the key element to secure and safeguard the common objectives of general interest: protection of consumers, particularly minors, the fight against gambling addiction and the fight against illegal operators.

The new brochure presents EL’s core values – responsibility, society/sustainability and integrity – and its commitment to addressing illegal gambling and related criminal activities while minimising any potential harm on society and vulnerable groups, with for example the EL Responsible Gaming Standard. It also highlights the importance of strict regulation, based on national principles to ensure that the games EL members provide can be played in a safe and transparent environment as well as showcasing the long-standing national tradition of lotteries and their fundamental contributions to society, culture and sport.

With a new European Parliament and European Commission, EL will continue to closely monitor EU policy developments and use this new advocacy tool together with members to be in the forefront to discuss and defend the successful EL lottery model in EU Member States. EL will share the new brochure with policymakers, namely Members of the European Parliament and Commission/Cabinet officials in the new year.

Brochure available here