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Event 29 May 2024

EASG Conference 2024: Fostering a Safer Gambling and Betting Future

Join EASG for the 14th European Conference on Gambling Studies and Policy Issues from 10-13 September 2024 in Rome!

Organised by the European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG), this year's Conference is all about ''Fostering a Safer Gambling and Betting Future''. 

In his role as Chairman of EASG, Arjan van 't Veer, EL Secretary General highlights the Association as an important forum, bringing together the various actors in this sector to encourage the study and discussion on gambling in Europe.

Top researchers, regulators, policymakers, and industry experts from all over the world will come together at the Annual EASG Conference to present their thoughts and ideas.

EASG Conference 2024

All information about the conference including the programme is available on the dedicated website

About EASG

The European Association for the Study of Gambling (EASG) aims to increase the level of dialogue between its members and other interested individuals and parties representing all aspects of gambling. The Association provides a forum for the systematic study, discussion and dissemination of knowledge about all matters relating to the study of gambling in Europe and promotes the comparative study of:

  • Historical, economical, mathematical, social and psychological aspects of gambling
  • Development, execution and evaluation of the regulation of gambling
  • Ethical marketing and management of gambling opportunities
  • Understanding of the development of pathological gambling and the provision of prevention and treatment programmes.