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EL Congress Antwerp
Event 1 Jun 2021

Is DBGs Re-Juvenation possible?

Draw-Based Games (DBGs) are historically the first game category operated and still the most important part of the business of EL Members.

With an aging player base of traditional DBGs, new technological opportunities and increasing gaming and entertainment competition, EL used its recent webinar organised closely with the EL Data and Research Working Group to discuss the challenge of keeping DBGs relevant, attractive and entertaining.

Daria Bazydło-Egier, Project Manager/Strategy Office, Totalizator Sportowy (Poland) focused on the latest trends related to DBGs based on the figures collected for the EL Report 2019 and the most relevant marketing trends for lotteries in 2021.

A comprehensive presentation by Hana Barochová, Lottery Category Manager, SAZKA a.s.(Czech Republic) showcased the benefits of players’ de-anonymization via registration to online and retail loyalty programs and the relevant communication channels to keep players engaged. Changing consumer habits and the obligation of every company to adapt to those trends to reach and stay relevant to the consumers were also discussed. 

Gregory Maes, Head of Strategy & Change Management, Loterie Nationale (Belgium) highlighted how their lottery focused on the revitalisation of the drawing process. Recently the draw was moved to a modern studio in Brussels which led to improved lottery public perception and attracting interest from a whole new group of players. This move has managed to bring back emotion and spectacle to the event, while at the same time re-emphasising the social dimension of the lottery.

Alexander Sausmikat, Deputy Managing Director, LOTTO Hessen (Germany) focused on an innovative lottery game concept, in which he explained how they set up a new DBG called GENAU (acronym for “Together for nature and environment”) whose benefits are fully directed to nature conservation projects. The winner of the grand prize can even decide which environment protection project will receive the good causes funding. Since 2016, more than 260 projects have been awarded nearly 1.3 million EUR.

Finally, a new concept of dynamic draw-based game, currently in the approval process by the Hungarian regulator, was presented by Milán Zieger, DBG Manager, Szerencsejáték Zrt (Hungary). The new game concept is based on daily draws, more winning chances for the player, including the option to the player to choose different play strategies, i.e. either to cash-out or to continue to play the game with the chance to win higher prize, therefore keeping the player engaged and entertained.

This Data & Research webinar was the third of a series of five Data & Research Working Group webinars to take place in 2021 covering various aspects of lotteries operations. This webinar was again moderated by the chair of the EL Data & Research working group, Václav Štěpán from SAZKA a.s., Czech Republic. The next webinar targeted on Online Growth will take place on 30 September 2021. 

Report on the Lottery Sector in Europe (2019)

Final webinar programme