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Webinar From: 5 Oct 2020 To: 8 Oct 2020
Oct 5 - Oct 8

EL Operational Risk & Assurance and WLA Security (webinar)

Hosted by: The European Lotteries

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A series of webinars organised by the European Lotteries (EL) and the World Lottery Association (WLA)

Daily session of one to two hours duration each day from 5 to 8 October 2020.


Whether your lottery is looking to manage its operational risks, step up its internal security, to comply with regulatory requirements related to potential fraud and money laundering, or to provide a both safe and smooth experience to its players, making sure that the appropriate player identification and authentication system is in place is crucial.
This joint EL / WLA series of webinars aims to provide insights into operational risk and security challenges related to player authentication and identification, as well as enterprise risk management. Through real-life examples, lotteries from around the globe will share their experiences, best practices, and practical tools for successfully managing operational risks. Operational continuity management and lessons learned during the global COVID-19 lockdown will also be addressed.
The lottery sector has developed significantly in the 20 years since the first version of the WLA-SCS was introduced (WLA-SCS:2000). Both the standard itself and the corresponding certification process have continuously evolved to stay abreast of these changes. Don’t miss this chance to learn directly from the members of the WLA Security and Risk Management Committee how the WLA-SCS has evolved to the high-level standard that it is today.
The webinar series will bring together experts on player authentication and identification, as well as operational continuity and enterprise risk management from among EL and WLA lottery members. The webinar will be complemented by relative themes from keynote speakers and specialists from other economic sectors.

EL/WLA members only

Click each day to register.

Monday, October 5 - Day 1 - PLAYER IDENTIFICATION

Tuesday, October 6 - Day 2 - CRISIS MANAGEMENT

Wednesday, October 7 - Day 3 - PRESENTATION OF THE WLA-SCS:2020






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