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Warsaw, Poland From: 13 May 2024 To: 15 May 2024
May 13 - May 15

EL AI Seminar

Hosted by: Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z. o. o.

Dive into the future of the lottery industry and explore the transformative potential of AI

Just before the summer of 2023 EL organized a very well attended webinar on the developments of AI in the lottery sector, together with Totalizator Sportowy. A follow up seminar on this hot topic was already announced, and now the upcoming EL AI Seminar is finally taking place in Warsaw between the 13th and 15th May 2024!

This seminar is a unique opportunity to delve into AI's potential in reshaping the landscape of lotteries across Europe. Through insightful presentations and interactive discussions, we'll uncover AI's role in enhancing player experiences, optimizing operations, and driving innovation. With experts from the lottery and tech sectors, this informative event will foster meaningful exchanges and unveil strategies to leverage AI effectively. Aside from interesting presentations, a hands-on workshop will be organized to help you further understand the potential of AI. 

Don't miss out on this enriching experience – join us in Warsaw to learn, connect, and shape the future of lotteries with AI.




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Participants must book their own accommodation at the seminar hotel. You can take advantage of a preferred rate for the nights May 13 & 14 (limited availability) by indicating our reservation code (indicated in the written confirmation with the contact details) when making your booking. Please note that to obtain the preferred rate, the rooms are to be pre-paid upon reservation, and are non-cancellable, non-amendable and nonrefundable from 21 days prior to arrival. Availability on a first come, first serve basis
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