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operational risk 1


The main objectives of the Operational Risk & Assurance Working Group are to monitor criminal activities and their threats to the gaming industry, lead to prevention of crimes associated with gaming and ensure that EU authorities and EL Members are kept informed. This Working Group is in charge of developing, maintaining and promoting security and risk management standards/ guidelines for the Association.

Jesus Huerta Almendro - SELAE - Supervisory Chair

Carlos Bachmaier - SELAE - Executive Chair

Jean-Jacques Riera - FDJ - Executive Vice-Chair

Fabio Conciatore/Valerio Visconti - Lottomatica

Gunnar Ewald - Lotto Hamburg

Diederik Geerits - Nederlandse Loterij

Leos Klofac  - Sazka a.s.

Roland Louski - Loterie Nationale

Magna Monte - SCML

Krisztián Pállai - Szerencsejatek

Alenka Peterca - Loterija Slovenije

Michael Mrak - Austrian Lotteries

Heini Roosimägi - Eesti Loto

Bjørn-Inge Sletta - Norsk Tipping

Franz-Josef Wichmann - WestLotto