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Our Association is governed by the General Assembly composed of all our Members. It is managed by an Executive Committee of eleven members, including the President and the two Vice-Presidents, and the Secretary General.

ExCom 2023

From left to right: Jan KARAS, Jannie HAEK, Olgierd CIEŚLIK, Jesús HUERTA ALMENDRO, Stéphane PALLEZ, Romana GIRANDON, Rosangela ROBBIANI, Hansjörg HÖLTKEMEIER, Niels ONKENHOUT, Olli SAREKOSKI & Jean-Luc MONER-BANET

EL President

Romana GIRANDON, Loterija Slovenije, d.d. (Slovenia)

1st Vice President

Stéphane PALLEZ, La Française des Jeux (FDJ) (France)

2nd Vice President 

Olli SAREKOSKI, Veikkaus Oy (Finland)

Members of the Executive Committee (in alphabetical order)

Ionut-Valeriu ANDREI, Loteria Română (Romania)
(Note that Mr ANDREI succeeds Olgierd CIEŚLIK, whose term as CEO at Totalizator Sportowy Sp. z.o.o., Poland, has concluded).

Jannie HAEK, Loterie Nationale Loterij (Belgium) 

Hansjörg HÖLTKEMEIER / Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin DKLB (Germany) 

Jesús HUERTA ALMENDRO, Sociedad Estatal de Loterías y Apuestas del Estado (SELAE) (Spain)

Jan KARAS, OPAP (Greece)

Jean-Luc MONER-BANET, Loterie Romande (Switzerland)

Niels ONKENHOUT, Nederlandse Loterij (The Netherlands)

Rosangela ROBBIANI, Sisal S.p.A. (Italy)

Secretary General 


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working group

EL Working Groups

EL’s structure holds several Working Groups. Every Working group is governed by a member of the EL Executive Committee as supervisory chair. A member of the Working Group acts as an executive chair and takes care of the group’s daily work. The Working Groups are supported by the EL team. Read more

Honorary Presidents

The Honorary Membership is granted to former Association’s Presidents, in recognition of their involvement and achievements.

Hansjörg Höltkemeier, CEO, Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin DKLB (Germany), former EL President and current member of the EL Executive Committee 

Alain Barraud Founder President & former President Loterie Romande 

Ray Bates Honorary President & former CEO National Lottery Ireland 

Hans-Jürgen Reissiger Honorary President & former Managing Director Deutsche Klassenlotterie Berlin 

Friedrich Stickler Honorary President & Former Member of the Board, Austrian Lotteries

Winfried Wortmann Honorary President & former CEO Westdeutsche Lotterie 

Mrs. Bernadette Lobjois was the first EL Secretary General