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Webinar From: 23 Mar 2021 To: 23 Mar 2021
Mar 23

Lotteries & Artificial Intelligence - a natural fit?

Hosted by: European Lotteries

Artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly but steadily finding its way in different parts of today’s lottery operations. The first successful applications of AI will be discussed during this webinar, the second webinar in the series of EL Data & Research webinars. You will have the opportunity to listen to three experts working in the AI-area.

A series of Data & Research webinars hosted by the EL Data & Research Working Group - five webinars taking place throughout 2021 – are planned to cover various topics of lotteries operations such as the product oriented ones.

Who should attend?

Lottery marketers, product managers, CRM experts, strategists, business intelligence professionals, and those involved in the data delivery to EL Reports.

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