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EL WLA Marketing Webinar
Webinar From: 4 May 2021 To: 6 May 2021
May 4 - May 6

EL/WLA/NASPL Marketing: Selling Dreams

Hosted by: EL, WLA and NASPL (14-16:30 CET)

Lotteries’ marketing during and after COVID-19

With challenges come opportunities. As the world comes to terms with the ‘’new normal’’, lotteries continue to adapt their marketing campaigns and strategies in an innovation and novel way. The 2021 EL/WLA/NASPL Marketing Webinar takes stock of the current situation, the lessons learnt from the biggest global health crisis in modern history and reflects on how to navigate through the post COVID-19 period.

Together with lottery professionals, industry leaders and experts from different national markets around the world, this year’s edition of the annual Marketing Seminar will assess what has and hasn’t become ‘the norm’ for lottery marketing, the new consumers habits which will survive the pandemic and how to implement them. 

Many efficient and creative responses to the pandemic have already been put in place by lotteries to save and secure their businesses. As new trends and innovations are on our radars, this webinar is the opportune place to discuss and understand how to plan for a recovery and where to find opportunities and growth. As we say, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth!

In this year’s new virtual set up, participants have the chance to join the webinar over three consecutive days (4-5-6 May from 14:00-16:00 CET). The creativity and imagination of our lottery marketeers is that fresh air we have all been longing for!

Marketing Webinar


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