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Webinar From: 25 Mar 2021 To: 26 Mar 2021
Mar 25

EL/WLA Sports Betting

Hosted by: European Lotteries and World Lottery Association

Open to Sports Betting professionals in the lottery sector, the 2021 EL/WLA online edition is the right place to discuss a series of crucial topics including: 

  • Pandemic and sport integrity: higher global risks, new markets, sport sponsorship and illegal operators;
  • A critical analysis and recommendations on the Covid-19 impact on the sport betting market;
  • The rising of minor sports in the betting industry and what will happen with the big sport events to come;
  • E-sport betting as an opportunity or an issue, and;
  • Lotteries best practices for pandemic challenges in daily operation and the omnichannel/multichannel solutions implemented in your sports betting lottery business.

Register now and be part of this sector specific moment of reflection and inspiration to get your sport betting operation ready for a fast-paced restart and a bright future!

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