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el and wla marketing event 2022
Webinar From: 2 Feb 2022 To: 4 Feb 2022
Feb 2

EL/WLA Marketing Webinar: Celebrating 20 years of lottery marketing success

Hosted by: EL and WLA

Registration to this webinar is free and open to EL, WLA, CIBELAE, and ALA Members only.

This year the EL/WLA Marketing Event goes digital again where participants have the chance to join webinar sessions over three consecutive days (2-3-4 February from 14:00 to 16:00 CET).  

Celebrating 20 years of this iconic event, we reflect on this important milestone, the opportunities that lie ahead of us and marketing trends that will shape the lottery sector going forward.

Together with lottery professionals and experts from different national markets around the world, the Marketing webinar will take stock of topics that have remained relevant for the past 20 years and explore the new marketing themes that will shape the future of our lotteries.

Themes cover TV game shows and live draws, omni channel, advertising, sustainability, and digital marketing. The webinar is enriched by discussions with CEOs on the great 2022 marketing outlook.

Let’s go back to the future!

Registration open!