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Webinar From: 14 Nov 2022 To: 18 Nov 2022
Nov 14 - Nov 18

EL Corporate University Induction

Hosted by: The European Lotteries (EL)

Open to EL Lottery and Associate Members

EL is organising a new edition of the ELVCU Induction module from 14 to 18 November 2022. This module, held fully online, is for new entrants and “cadets” with up to three years’ lottery experience (both as operator or as supplier). 

Over five afternoons and one morning, participants will be exposed to the full range and extent of lottery organisation, games, activities, channels and development, together with an extensive overview of all aspects of the regulatory and competitive environment of the total gaming market in which lotteries compete and operate in Europe. All of this within the context of the strategy of EL and the model it stands for.

Participants will receive a complete understanding of...

  • What lotteries are; what they do, and why they exist
  • How a lottery should be organised so that it will best respond to the needs of customers, agents, suppliers, general public, media and Regulator.
  • What makes a great lottery game, and why some lottery games work and other games don’t
  • How can the future of sports betting and revenues be guaranteed
  • Why is responsible gaming and the wider scope of CSR important for Lotteries
  • Retailing
  • Digital marketing and connecting with the player
  • Player profiles
  • Draws and leveraging the power of television
  • Advertising and Marketing… how to break through the noise
  • Understanding the Legal and integrity world of Gaming
  • PR, Communication, Social Media and Storytelling

In addition to formal presentations there will be break-out case studies with plenty of interaction as well as design exercises with all participants presenting solutions.


Recently recruited lottery entrants across all disciplines and functions. The content would also be very useful and attractive to staff of EL partners / suppliers as well as national Gaming Regulatory staff. While the main target of the ELCU – Induction is new entrants with up to three years’ experience, participants with more lottery experience would find the content interesting, both in its extent and breath, as well as from an international benchmarking perspective. All presentations and exercises/case studies will be in English.


The event will be held on each of the five afternoons 14-18 November 2022 from 14.00 to 17.00 CET (Tuesday until 18.15) and Wednesday morning 16 November from 11.30 to 13.00 CET. Participation in all sessions is required.


The ELVCU - Induction module will be delivered via the platform Zoom.


All applicants must have specific hardware/software/telecommunications facilities that will be verified following application, and after acceptance for participation in the ELVCU-Induction module.


Ray Bates, EL Honorary President and past Director of the Irish National Lottery, will lead a team of eleven very experienced speakers and experts, all of whom work or have worked as senior lottery officials or as advisors to lottery management addressing strategic and tactical gaming issues.


Because of the nature of the teaching/learning dynamic, including team presentation of results of case/design exercises, the total number of participants for the event may be limited. EL reserves the right to limit the total number of participants from any one lottery, or supplier / partner.


EL Lottery Members EUR 750.-

EL Associate Members EUR 1,100.-


Please confirm your attendance no later than 4 November by registering via the link below. 

After acceptance of your registration, a confirmation will be sent to you together with the corresponding invoice.



Registration open!

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