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Lausanne From: 23 Apr 2024 To: 25 Apr 2024
Apr 23

ELCU Executive module

Hosted by: The European Lotteries (EL) & Loterie Romande

Open to EL Lottery and Associate Members

EL is pleased to bring you another edition of the second Module of the programme, ELCU – EXECUTIVE which will be held and hosted by EL in Lausanne, Switzerland on 23 – 25 April 2024.

The ELCU – EXECUTIVE will be held over 1½ days and is designed for professional staff from regular EL Members and associate Members who have sufficient experience to actively and usefully participate in, and contribute to, round-table discussions on case studies exploring and analysing critical Lottery topics.

The event will commence with some formal presentations and interviews with lottery experts on selected current lottery topics. These will be followed by one full day of case studies covering all of the principal areas and activities of a modern lottery, including topics such as relationship between Lottery and Regulator; development of corporate risk register; Privatisation or Commercialisation of lotteries; Market Research and data Analytics; Game Design and add-on Draw Games; Retail outlet selection, commission and incentive schemes; Electronic versus physical draws; PR/ Communication and social media; management of the “public face” of the lottery and similar relevant and current topics.




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