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lottery balls
Webinar From: 15 Dec 2022 To: 15 Dec 2022
Dec 15

EL webinar: Draws, balls and RNGs

Hosted by: The European Lotteries (EL)

This webinar is free of charge and open to all interested lottery professionals working in the department for draws, marketing, communication, security, compliance, legal, audit and general management. It gives a unique opportunity to learn and get inspired.

One of the most important elements of organising lotteries and other games of chance, is to officially draw the winning numbers. Imagine the feeling of that lucky player who discovers that he/she has picked the right numbers when following a live draw on television...

Lottery draws give the opportunity to communicate with players and promote the brands of the games at the same time. All EL Members use drawing machines and Random Number Generators, every minute, every day, and every week. Yet, draws and everything related to them have not been discussed often among the EL membership.

In a dedicated webinar (15 December, 2:15 hours), all aspects of modern and traditional draws will be highlighted. This is an opportunity to learn and be inspired, because nobody wants a draw to go wrong.

Experts from the sector will look at the current state of art in drawing machines and random number generator developments as well as their security measures surrounding the draws. Examples will be given of worldwide know draws, such as the iconic El Gordo draw in Spain.

Registration open