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e sport and video gaming seminar visual 2022
Rotterdam, The Netherlands From: 12 Oct 2022 To: 14 Oct 2022
Oct 12

EL seminar: The growth of E-Sports & Video Gaming - Opportunities and Challenges for the Lottery Sector

Hosted by: The European Lotteries (EL)

Registration is closed. For more information please contact info@european-lotteries.org

In 1958 the first video game was played in the Brookhaven National Laboratory in Long Island (USA), eventually evolving into the classic Pong tennis game, a forerunner of modern video games. In the early 1990s gaming became more and more popular as it drove the development of the Internet as we now know it. From competitive gaming via the early multi-player platforms, E-sports were born some 25 years ago. Rapid digitalisation made E-sports grow fast and big, with nowadays big tournaments, world famous players and teams and a multi billion industry with respected brands. A lack of ‘’real’’ sport events and tournaments during the recent COVID years, has accelerated betting on E-sports. It may even be included in the 2028 Olympics in Los Angeles.

As a hot topic for the lottery sector, E-sports and Video Gaming developments are the central themes of the 2022 EL seminar. It is time to learn all about these developments, to understand what E-sports are and the opportunities and threats that lie ahead. As some EL Members are already active in this field, there will be the opportunity to hear about their best practices. The E-sports and Video Gaming industry will be explained further by some of the best experts in Europe. Key notes are also foreseen on important topics such as responsible gaming, the EU aspects on future E-sports and Video Gaming regulations, integrity issues, the regulation of loot boxes and advertisement.

The EL E-sports & Video Gaming seminar will be organised alongside the Rotterdam Games Week 2022 in the AHOY Event Centre, giving participants an exclusive opportunity to see and experience the E-sports and video gaming developments in real action. More information available here: www.rotterdamgamesweek.com.

The seminar aims to give a real feel and understanding of the possible and future implications of E-sports and Video Gaming on the Lottery sector. During the second day, an interactive setup is foreseen to tackle some of the key questions and possibly come to a draft position for EL and its Members in this important field.   

Registration is closed

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