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Milan, Italy From: 5 Oct 2022 To: 7 Oct 2022
Oct 5

EL Innovation Seminar: Unlocking the potential of innovation

Hosted by: SISAL & IGT Lottery

Open to EL Lottery & Associate Members

The foreseeable impacts of technological megatrends on the lottery sector
Innovation is everywhere and impacts our surroundings and day to day lives. The 2022 European Lotteries Innovation seminar in Milan aims to expose participants to innovation in several areas, engage them on what innovation means, which shape it takes in the lottery sector, and how to make the best out of it. 

This is an opportunity to create a strong networking moment among participants, granting a place and a time to discuss Innovation and its impact on the lottery landscape.
The stage is set with a snapshot of the status of Digital Transformation – with a focus on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and on how that can transform both the offer portfolio and the customer.
Learn how the idea of the Metaverse can be made tangible, and generate engagement for customers and … revenues for businesses. The seminar will also cover what cryptocurrencies and NFTs are, how they are made, the various benefits and drawbacks, and provide elements on how they could be applied to the lottery sector.

The EL Innovation Awards 2022 ceremony will be held during the seminar to celebrate the top three innovations among EL Lottery Members.

EL Innovation Award 2022



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