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Innovation seminar 2024
Rotterdam, The Netherlands From: 9 Oct 2024 To: 11 Oct 2024
Oct 9 - Oct 11

EL Innovation Seminar

Hosted by: Nederlandse Loterij

In an era shaped by rapid technological advancements and ever-changing consumer expectations, innovation stands as the cornerstone of progress.

Join us at this year’s EL Innovation Seminar in Rotterdam as we delve deeper into the realm of innovation. Discover what it truly means, how it is shaping the lottery sector and how to maximise its full potential.

Network with industry peers and experts, creating valuable connections and gaining insights to navigate the evolving landscape. Participants will have the chance to explore the dynamic world of start-ups and learn how collaboration can spark new paths for growth.

Gain practical knowledge and tools to drive innovation in your lottery operations. Discover how other lotteries are adapting to meet the needs of new generations and harness the power of data to drive innovation forward. Explore the role of analytics, AI and predictive modelling to inform strategic decisions and ultimately drive the innovation process.

EL Innovation Awards 2024_v2

The EL Innovation Awards 2024 ceremony will be held during the seminar to celebrate the top ten innovations among EL Lottery Members. Don't miss it!

Information on how to submit your innovation success story here!

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