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Online From: 4 Jun 2021 To: 4 Jun 2021
Jun 4

EL General Assembly

Hosted by: European Lotteries & Hrvatska Lutrija

Exclusively for EL Members, the results of the 2021 General Assembly will be announced during an online event. This will include an interesting Keynote presentation and will bring the results of the election of the new EL Executive Committee. 

On the MYEL Environment, you will find all the formal documents and background information for the General Assembly. 

The EL team and the Executive Committee are pleased to bring the General Assembly to your screens!

EL General Assembly 2021

Type of participant
Is the invoicing address different from the address indicated above? Are there any tax or other numbers?
Invoicing address
I need an invitation letter to obtain a visa
EL cannot be held responsible for any visa letter requests made too late by your side and cancellations of the seminar attendance will result in full charges.
Passport data
If no hotel is needed the participant will have to take care of his own accommodation.
Welcome dinner
Second evening dinner
Departure lunch
Dietary requirements
I agree to share my contact details (names, job title, company, city, email address) with fellow participants/members
If not, you will not be listed on the list of participants distributed on-site.
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