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D&R webinar series 2021
Webinar From: 25 Nov 2021 To: 25 Nov 2021
Nov 25

Data & Research: Future of Retail

Hosted by: The European Lotteries (EL)

The customer expectations and behaviour are being modified, shaken, and partially accelerated by the Covid-19 experience. Customers are increasingly shifting their spending online. To keep their stores relevant, lotteries and their retailers must ensure that the in-store experience is enjoyable and convenient Otherwise customers won’t bother making the trip.

What is the impact of changing customer expectations on the lotteries future retail shopping experience? How shall future retail networks look like? How will technologies reshape the shopping experience? What are the trends of in-the-shop customer experience personalization and data-driven retail innovations?

Selected retail executives and experts from EL Members will share their experiences and views from implementing their future-facing retail strategies centred on the evolving customer needs and encapsulating new technological opportunities.

Who should attend?

The webinar shall be of particular interest to EL retail professionals, marketeers and strategists.


Registration open

This is already the last webinar from a series of five Data & Research webinars to take place during 2021 covering various topics of lotteries operations.