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European Lotteries a sustainable model for the benefit of society

Playing National Lottery Games Actively Supports Society, Culture And Sport

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From education, science, art and culture, sport and leisure to supporting the disadvantaged and disabled, there are many deserving calls on limited funding.

Funding from national lotteries in Europe represents a reliable source and an indispensable part of the income that allows them to operate sustainably. Without National Lotteries, European society, culture and welfare would be €21 billion poorer.


THE UK NATIONAL LOTTERY contributed over £80 million (€88 million) to support more than 1,300 athletes in preparation for the Rio Olympics and beyond.

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AUSTRIAN LOTTERIES has contributed €2 billion to sports in its 33-year history.


In Hungary, helps promising athletes compete in national and international sporting events.


TOTALIZATOR SPORTOWY In Poland, has spent more than €2.8 billion on the development of sports and sports infrastructure in the country since its inception.

Funding contributions to health & disability organisations examples


(The National Assocation for the Blind) in Spain, established a lottery in 1938. ONCE supports 71,000 jobs (57% are people with disabilities) and provides €230 million every year in dedicated funding of social support for people with disabilities.


in Greece, has renovated 64% of the two largest Children Hospitals, investing €12 million and sharing smiles with 200,000 children. The project, launched in 2014, is still in progress.


in Belgium, funded medical services and studies to fight cancer.

Funding contributions to culture examples


in Germany, has provided more than €500 million for the conservation of monuments in the country since 1991.


in Finland, provides roughly half of the Ministry of Education and Culture’s budget for arts and culture – around €224 million in 2019.


in Italy, co-funded the restoration of Michelangelo’s statue of Moses in 2017.

Funding contributions to state budgets examples


THE GERMAN STATE LOTTERIES contributed nearly €3 billion to the state budgets of the 16 German Länder and to other good causes in 2018.


LA FRANÇAISE DES JEUX in France, provided €3.6 billion to the national exchequer in 2018.


NEDERLANDSE LOTERIJ in The Netherlands, contributes €92 million a year to the Dutch state budget.


SISAL In Italy, in its Lotto, Superenalotto and instant lotteries contributed, in 2018, €2.65 billion to the Italian state budget from taxation.

National Lotteries deserve to be safeguarded and supported at national and EU levels

Nationally licensed and regulated lotteries have proved to work successfully for generations. They are a transparent and consistent source of financing for the benefit of European society.

Currently, the gambling sector within the EU is regulated in strict observance of subsidiarity. EU member states have the exclusive competence to set the objectives of their gambling policy and to define the modalities to achieve them for their citizens.

EL promotes a sound and sustainable gaming model for the benefit of society in which a high level of consumer protection and responsible gaming are prioritised.

EL fully supports the continued application of the “principle of subsidiarity” in the gambling sector, as the key element to secure and safeguard the common objectives of general interest.