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EL Sustainability Guidelines

All over the world more and more companies are integrating sustainable standards and policies into their business models. Lotteries in Europe play a crucial role in sustainable business practices. The EL Sustainability Guidelines allow lotteries to assess, develop and add value to their stakeholders, actions and sustainability commitments

EL and its members are committed to generating the best for the benefit of society in accordance to national laws and regulations. This commitment goes further than Responsible Gaming, as a core value, and must include sustainability as a broader perspective. With this in mind, EL has over the past years developed a set of comprehensive Guidelines aimed to broaden and strengthen the commitments of lotteries towards a larger spectrum of responsibility, as a whole sustainability, based on and inspired by the International Standard ISO 26000. While based on this Standard, the Guidelines have been adapted to the specific needs of the lottery sector.

In 2023, EL took the decision to update its Guidelines to continue to act as an invaluable tool for lotteries willing to start with an internal assessment which will later help them define their sustainability priorities and actions, and to better face the future and its many challenges. The Guidelines allow lotteries to reduce long-term risks/raise reputation; increase competitiveness and social credibility; create additional and shared value; attract and retain workers, customers, clients or users, improve relationships with stakeholders and to follow on their own path of innovation and application of best practices.

The Guidelines span over nine different areas: Business Ethics, Labour Practices & Human Rights, Environment, Supply Chain, Consumer Issues,  Community, Governance & Risk Management, Stakeholder Engagement and Communication & Reporting.

Integrating sustainability into every aspect of a lottery involves commitment and understanding at all levels of the organisation, where efforts should be made to provide the leadership with a thorough understanding of the implications and benefits of investing time and resources in sustainability. It is important to identify the situation of your lottery and the most significant issues in order to find concrete commitments, actions, best practices and KPIs to help integrate sustainability into your organisation.

Please contact EL at info@european-lotteries.org for more information on the Guidelines