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EL Membership

There are 3 categories of Members: Regular, Observer and Associate Members.

Becoming an EL Regular Member

An EL Regular Member must conduct games of chance and/or skill such as Lotto, Toto, class lotteries, classic lotteries, sports betting, sports lotteries, instant games, and lotteries generally based upon a state issued lottery licence in a Members State of the Council of Europe.

An EL Member must assure that its lottery-type games form the substantial part of the organisation’s total gross revenue and that its net revenues for a substantial part are dedicated, by public decision, to good causes and/or the State exchequer. It is essential that Regular Members live up to the aims and values of EL.

Regular Members have full voting rights in the association and are allowed to participate fully in all activities of the association.

Applications can be sent to info@european-lotteries.org.

Leaflet on how to become a Regular Member

Application form EL Regular Member

Becoming an EL Associate Member

An EL Associate Member must supply or intend to supply goods or services to Regular Members or to other Associate Members in respect of applicable legislation in any jurisdiction and take care that its staff as well as its contractual partners and shareholders likewise respect their legislation in the countries concerned. It is essential that Associate Members live up to the aims and lottery values of EL.

Applications can be sent to info@european-lotteries.org.

Leaflet on how to become an Associate Member

Application form EL Associate Member