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Webinar From: 23 Nov 2020 To: 23 Nov 2020
Nov 23

EL Learning Platform Workshop

Hosted by: European Lotteries

In these unprecedented times, The European Lotteries (EL) continues to serve its Members in the best way possible.

Last April we introduced a dedicated online learning platform for all EL Members. This platform offers, free of charge, a wide variety of individual learning modules. We have started to add dedicated lottery modules as well to this platform. The EL learning platform (ELP) will be developed further.
As EL Member, you may have a dedicated online learning programme yourself, tuned to your specific needs and regulations. Other Members may not (yet) have such an environment. The EL learning platform aims to service both situations. To explain the setup of the platform and its modules as well as some general developments in the world of e-learning, EL will organize a special workshop. This workshop will be held on 23 November and is free of charge. Registration is possible via the link. We especially invite HR(D) managers to participate in this workshop!

This workshop will be held on 23 November and is free of charge. Members ONLY

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