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Webinar From: 28 Oct 2020 To: 30 Oct 2020
Oct 28

EL Corporate University

Hosted by: The European Lotteries

The EL Corporate University (ELCU) is continuing!

Following the first successful EL Corporate University – Executive held in Lausanne in April 2019, this second module of the ELCU programme will be held online on October 28 – 30, 2020.

An event for EL members only

This virtual module will be held over 3 mornings and is designed for professional staff from lottery operators, suppliers/partners and regulators, who have sufficient experience to actively participate in, and contribute to, round-table discussions on case studies exploring and analysing critical lottery topics.

Topics such as relationship between lottery and regulator; development of corporate risk register, privatisation or commercialisation of lotteries, market research design and use; game design and add-on draw games; retail outlet selection, commission and incentive schemes; electronic versus physical draws; PR and communication; management of the “public face” of the lottery and other relevant issues will be covered.
Details are provided in the attached brochure.

Please note 4 important items:

  • The total number of participants is limited and EL reserves the right to limit the number of participants from any one lottery company and EL supplier/partner.
  • The fee payable will be 300.- CHF for each participant from EL Member Lotteries and 450.- CHF for each participant from a Supplier/Partner.
  • After the acceptance of your registration, you will receive a written confirmation together with the corresponding invoice and a consent of information sharing/GDPR. (to be consented by return of email)
  • EL will contact you in order to proceed with sound, internet and platform connection and webcam checks in order to guarantee a smooth running of the event.

Please click here to register.

Download the brochure click here

Apply early to secure your place on this most useful and focussed EL event.

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